Italian Restaurant – Athens

Design: Thanos Chairis
Project: Restaurant
Type: Renovation
Location: Athens
Year: 2020

The architectural study is about converting a retail space in the center of Athens, into an Italian restaurant. The requirements of the study were the functional positioning of the open kitchen, the reception, and the dining tables as well as the creative use of the large free surfaces and the height of the space. The design combines simple geometries and materials, with brave gestures in certain areas. Wood and green elements, as well as materials that refer to purity such as marble, were the primary materials used. The wooden beams on the free wall, framed by plantings create a point of reference for the visitor. Finally, the continuous floor, combined with the perforated wooden panels of the ceiling, and the carefully designed lighting, create a pleasant dining experience in a neat and luxurious space.

Exterior Space:


Italian restaurant Athens planItalian restaurant Athens plan
Italian restaurant Athens planItalian restaurant Athens plan

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